Experiencing God's Presence #2 - The One Year Experiencing God's Presence Devotional

Experiencing God's Presence #2

Where will my resting place be?

Isaiah 66:1, NIV

In context, it comes across as a rhetorical question, a divine scoff at the idea that God might need a human-built home. But we know the heart behind creation, the desire of a God who does choose resting places for Himself. His Presence once filled a Tabernacle, then a Temple, and then the flesh of His own people. Scripture insists on a mind-boggling reality: not only did God incarnate Himself in Jesus, He continues to do so in us.

It seems to be a radical contradiction of Scripture, then, that so many of us lament the “distance” of God as often as we do. Sometimes He seems close, but for people who are meant to be inhabited by the holy Presence, we too often have to wonder where He is. His nearness becomes for us a mere theological principle rather than an experience. Why?

One reason may be that some of us fear closeness—what will God disapprove of or require of us when we encounter Him? We can be awfully insecure about His intentions. But the more common reason is that we don’t pursue His Presence as zealously as we pursue other things in life. We are distracted by lesser goals and forget what’s available to us. In other words, we don’t have a strong sense of His Presence because we don’t ask for it.

Spend some time today asking. Offer yourself as a resting place for Him to enjoy. God did not create you and then redeem you in order to keep His distance. He designed you for an intimacy deeper than you can imagine. Whatever your relationship with Him has been like recently, He is inviting you more deeply into that intimacy. Take Him up on the offer. Ask Him to come as close as He wants to.

Lord, let me be Your resting place. I offer myself to You and invite You to remove anything that stands in the way. Come close to me—as close as You desire.

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