Don’t Be A Fool - The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional

Don’t Be a Fool

Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back.

Proverbs 29:11

“Seriously, I want to punch her in the nose!” I growled to my husband after recounting the ongoing saga involving a woman who was making my friend’s life absolutely miserable.

Aaron, my even-keeled rock, looked me straight in the eye and informed me in a slightly stern yet mild tone that I would not be punching anyone in the nose.

Sighing, I slumped back in our living room chair. Of course he was right. As the conversation paused, words that had been spoken to me years ago in a similar situation floated to mind: “Don’t take up an offense on someone else’s behalf.”

It is exceptionally hard to refuse to be offended. Yet, to be an effective Christian, it is absolutely vital that we take our anger and offense to God in prayer instead of letting them twist us up inside.

All those years ago, in that other situation, I heeded my friend’s wise words. I refused to take up anger and instead started praying. As I turned to God, he preserved relationships that I was tempted to destroy. In the ensuing years, I’ve found myself sowing seeds of faith, of kindness, and of God into these women’s lives. I’ve marveled at the work God has done through me in women I once harbored anger against, allowing it to burn slow and hot. Keeping a rein on my temper and keeping my lips zipped allows me now to reach out in kindness and love during difficult circumstances when people most need to see the love of Christ in action.

Because I’d experienced God’s redemptive work when I refused to let anger have its way, I trusted him in this current situation. I committed to not be foolish and vent my anger but instead to quietly and fervently take my anger to God in prayer. I reminded myself to leash my tongue and guard my mouth, to speak no words I might later regret. And I looked forward to the day when I could reflect on this time and recognize the redemptive fingerprints of God at work in the midst of tension.


Today’s Act of Kindness

The next time you’re tempted to hold a grudge against someone, practice quietly taking your anger to God in prayer. Then forgive that person and release your anger.

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The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional
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