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Day 3: You Brought Who to Church?

“The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9, NLT)

The most lethal attitude for a Christian is “I can’t.” The most contagious attitude is “God can.” There is one area of our spiritual lives I believe we plan more for failure than success. Ironically, it’s the one area where we should be the most optimistic!

Many believers do not share their faith or invite others to church because they fear failure or rejection. Failure asks, “What if I don’t share the gospel correctly?” Rejection asks, “What if this person does not accept the gospel? What if they reject me?”

Devotion to God is never failure. Consider today’s verse. God is not looking for the strongest, most eloquent, most popular, or best looking. He’s looking for the most devoted. God is seeking those who are committed to him to strengthen them. Will everyone you invite to church come the first time you ask them? Probably not. Have you failed by asking them? No!

Several years ago, I noticed a new group of people in the church commons area. On Sundays, we always expected guests. But they looked out of place. They were speaking a different language. After a few moments, I realized they were from India. I inquired with a greeter about their presence.

“Oh, I think Chuck brought them.”

Chuck had the biggest “God can” attitude of any church member I’ve ever pastored. He was always bringing people to church, especially those different from him. Chuck had a belly as big as his laugh. His giant white beard loomed over his overalls. Everyone loved Chuck because he knew how to make you smile.

“Hey Chuck,” I approached him, “Where did you get the new friends?”

“I picked them up this morning.”

“In the church bus?”

What followed was a simple explanation of how he had swung by the public bus stop and asked if they wanted a ride. They were new engineering students at the local college who thought they were going to the mall. Chuck brought them to church instead. On the way, he convinced them to join us for worship. They didn’t seem to mind.

I gently told Chuck not to use the local bus stops as pick-up points for church. He gently reminded me that the Lord wanted them at church. He was right. Two of them accepted Christ.

Chuck planned for success because he had a “God can” attitude. You likely have an area of your life where you need to stop saying, “I can’t” and start believing, “God can.” Commit this area to God today. His eyes are searching for those who are willing to be strengthened.

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