Grandson - Prayers for Every Occasion


DEAR FATHER, you have blessed my husband and me with a delightful grandson! Shortly after he was born, we held him in our arms, cradling this new heir from a new generation. We watched him move, marveled at his handsome features, and wondered at the potential in his little life. What joy!

Years have gone by. As our grandson’s character has developed, we’ve enjoyed his curiosity and sense of humor, learned what he likes and dislikes, and made lots of memories with him. It has been great fun to see his life unfold.

At times when we’ve smiled at his mischievous antics, we’ve been reminded of our own. How we need you to guide and direct us all—grandparents, children, and grandchildren alike.

Thank you for the gifts and abilities you’ve given our grandson, Lord. We’re grateful that he loves you and loves your Word. Already, we catch glimpses of a future leader. Please help us to nurture and encourage him, Father. May this young grandson of ours develop a rock-solid faith. Like Jesus, may he grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and people. Amen.

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Prayers for Every Occasion
By Ellen Banks Elwell

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