Only My Best - Once-A-Day Worship and Praise Devotional

Only My Best

And Abel also brought an offering — fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The LORD looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast.

Genesis 4:4 – 5

Jeff planned to make a large donation toward the costs of the addition to the church’s Christian Education wing. But when Jeff got a call from the coordinator of children’s ministries asking him to be a volunteer in the nursery, he felt it was beneath him.

“I don’t really have time,” he responded.

Like Cain, Jeff brought God what he wanted to bring, and he thought that was enough. Like Cain, he wanted to worship God in his own way, without considering what God wanted him to bring.

What about you? Have you brought God what you wanted to give without asking him what he wanted from you? Have you brought him a gift grudgingly?

The offering God wants most is the offering of our hearts, dedicated and fully turned toward him in a lifestyle of continual worship. Release your gifts, talents and abilities to him and ask him what kind of a sacrifice he wants from you. The answer might surprise you.


God, I want to give you …

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