Introduction - Devotions for a Sacred Marriage


WHILE THIS DEVOTIONAL BOOK CONSISTS OF 100 PERCENT NEW MATERIAL, I based it on the principles first stated in my book Sacred Marriage. Although it’s not necessary to have read Sacred Marriage to enjoy or benefit from this book, I would recommend going through Sacred Marriage first, and then reading this devotional book with your spouse or small group.

I designed Devotions for a Sacred Marriage to be read in fifty-two separate sittings, one per week for a year. Because of the significant challenges it highlights, reading one devotion each day could get a bit tiring. I believe you’ll profit more from spending one day a week focusing on your marriage and six days doing general devotions.

Some have asked, “Why this format?” It originated in part because so many couples requested a follow-up book to Sacred Marriage—but that presented a problem. As I’ve stated many times, Sacred Marriage is not a how-to manual. I am neither qualified nor inclined to produce such a book. So what was there to follow up?

That’s when a couple graciously providing me a ride to the airport suggested I write a devotional book that would explore some of the Sacred Marriage principles from a fresh perspective. I thank them anonymously for leading me in this direction. The writing alone has been a powerful experience for me, as I’ve been challenged, inspired, and convicted while grappling with a truth greater than us all.

In fact, I pray that taking this yearlong journey with your spouse will benefit you at least half as much as crafting it did me! If you are married, God has called you into a delightful yet difficult, a problematic yet profound relationship—but through it all, I have found (and I’m sure you have too) that marriage is more than worth the pain.

From the Book: