Magnificent Prayer #2 - Magnificent Prayer

Magnificent Prayer #2

In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you.

Psalm 5:3

Prayer prevails. It brings power. It brings life. It brings God. Let us dare to be definite with God; let us dare to lay hold of the promises and to wait in faith until the answer comes.


Pray About It: Not many Christians know the story of Charles and Lettie Cowman. This godly man and woman were both pray-ers and missionaries. But like many Christians, the most lasting work to come from their lives was to be after much suffering.

Mrs. Cowman, like so many others, found the secret to a successful life of service: a life of prevailing prayer. Each morning at 5:30, Mrs. Cowman woke up to have her time with God.

When Charles took sick, Mrs. Cowman prayed and nursed him. But during that time of suffering and praying and considering God’s will, she pieced together a book of her favorite sayings and quotations. With the book she hoped to gain some small funds to help support the missionary work. Although Charles died, leaving Lettie a widow at age fifty-four, this woman of God would live another thirty years and fulfill the worldwide ministry God had prepared for her. It was to be the book that Lettie compiled during Charles’s sickness that would be the unlikely answer to the couple’s prayers. That book, still in print and a best-seller after seventy-five years, is possibly the bestloved devotional book of all time: Streams in the Desert.

Dare to lay hold of the promises of God, as Mrs. Cowman did. She could never have guessed how God would do it—she only knew that He would.

Wait in faith until the answer comes.

The voice of agonizing prayer breaks the stillness of the morning. I have but little fear of the noise of praying Christians. The prayers of some of these precious people are heaven-moving, heaven-opening. What wonderful and striking types of men [and women]. What glorious Christians.


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