You - 365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most


Seven billion people live on this planet. Billions more have lived before us. But there has never been anyone exactly like you. You have a personality, a set of gifts, talents, and weaknesses all your own. You have a body size and shape, freckles, wrinkles, a nose, and eyes that set you apart from anyone who has ever lived.

You have a story that is unlike any other story. You’ve suffered; you have overcome. You’ve succeeded and you have failed. You’ve been hurt and you have hurt others. You are the hero of your story and sometimes the villain. No one has lived the life you’ve lived.

You are loved. You, personally. You, with all your habits and addictions, with all your judgments of others and of yourself. You. You are loved deeply and without reservation.

If you had never lived, the world would be the worse for it. You matter.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” —Jeremiah 31:3

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