Creator, Father, King #2 - Creator, Father, King

Creator, Father, King #2

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

Psalm 119:105


It’s a new year, and we are about to embark on an epic journey. This book will be an exciting, ambitious adventure purely because of its Subject. The theme is not a what, where, or when. It’s a Who.

For the next 365 days, we’ll be talking about God. We will explore God’s perfect character and his eternal plan of redemption to save sinners. This is a monumental task, impossible to accomplish in one devotional book. God is too big to be contained within finite, printed pages. But he calls us to seek him and know him. So we excitedly prepare for our quest.

As we do, we might ask questions. The critical questions on a journey of this magnitude are endless:

  • Who is God?
  • What is he like?
  • Can we know him at all? If so, how much?
  • Why can’t we see him? Or can we?
  • Is he perfectly good?

The list goes on and on. We certainly don’t want to get distracted by the questions and swerve off course as many others have.

Like travelers exploring a vast territory, we need a map—something to guide our trek. So we begin this yearlong study of God by turning to the only source of divinely inspired knowledge that God has provided: the Bible.

What’s It Mean?

The answers to everything we need to know about God can be found in the Bible. It is the foundation for the Christian faith, the source of our knowledge of God, and the basis for this devotional.

The Lord has graciously chosen to reveal himself to us through Scripture. We’ll go into much greater depth about God’s Word later on, but at the outset, it’s important to acknowledge that the Bible is the only inerrant, authoritative, and fully sufficient book that was given to us by God himself, written under divine inspiration by holy men (2 Peter 1:20-21).

God cannot be fully known. He is far too great for that. But everything he wants us to know, he has revealed to us in his Word!

Now What?

Commit to reading Creator, Father, King this year. Have your Bible with you so you can study the verses mentioned in this book.

Did You Know?

Approximately forty authors, all under the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, wrote the Bible over the span of at least 1,300 years.

From the Book:

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Creator, Father, King
By Joshua Cooley

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