The New Girl - 100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls

The New Girl

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Matthew 19:19

“Dear God, please send me a friend,” Jamie prayed, looking around the crowded middle school cafeteria. Her stomach knotted as she looked from table to table, full of students laughing and talking. Everyone seemed to already have their own friend groups—and none of them noticed Jamie standing by herself.

Jamie’s family had just moved to this town. She hadn’t wanted to leave her old hometown and everything that was familiar. Even after a few weeks at the new school, she still hadn’t met anyone to talk to. Jamie started heading toward a lunch table in the corner. Maybe no one would notice if she sat there by herself.

“Hey, Jamie!”

Jamie turned to see Alisha, a girl from her local church.

“Want to sit with me?” Alisha asked. She nodded toward a nearby table.

Jamie followed Alisha to the table.

Over the next few weeks, Jamie started seeing Alisha more and more. They sat together in English class, and Jamie found Alisha in math. Soon Alisha introduced Jamie to other girls as well. Alisha was God’s answer to Jamie’s prayer.

Being the new girl is hard, but it can also make us pay attention in other situations where someone else might be new as well as feeling a little lonely. Even if you’ve never been the new girl, you can imagine what it would be like to walk into an unfamiliar place where you didn’t know anyone. When we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, we are practicing compassion for others. When we take that compassion and act on it by including someone who is new or feeling left out, we put our faith into practice.

The Bible says we are to love our neighbor the same way we love ourselves. What if when you started a sports team or new school activity, you kept an eye out for someone else who is new? A simple smile and hello can help someone else feel welcome when they feel out of place. Who knows what could happen when we take that small step? We might make a really good friend.

Things to Think About

  • Have you ever been the new girl at school, at church, or in the neighborhood? How were you welcomed by others?
  • Can you think of someone who is new to your school, your church, or a program you are a part of?


Look for someone who is new, whether at school, at church, or in the neighborhood, and be willing to say hello and include them in your group.

Friendship in Action

Plan a game night at your house and invite someone who is new to your school or town.

From the Book:

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100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls
By Kendra Roehl, Julie Fisk, Kristin Demery

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