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Ignoring The Details

His name was Jehu (Jay-who?), and his story is found in 2 Kings 9–10. His bio starts out great—he loved God and wanted to wipe out idol worship. He was particularly focused on eliminating a specific idol—Baal. Thousands of people in Israel worshiped Baal, and Jehu wanted them to worship the one true God—Jehovah. So he decided to force them.

You can already see the bad beginning to develop with the good, can’t you? Common sense tells you we can’t force anyone to follow God. Jehu started out with a wonderful desire—we applaud him for wanting to bring his entire country to God—but his plan quickly soured when he took matters into his own hands.

God doesn’t want to share control with you. “For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God” (Exodus 20:5). He is God; you are not. He wants total control over your life—decisions about dating, your future plans, your activities, your friends.

The world is filled with people doing good things in their own power, without involving God. Guess what? A million good things accomplished in human power are only temporary at best. Jehu devised a scheme to wipe out Baal worship from the entire country of Israel. That would be like you creating a plan to wipe out all evil from your school! Mind-boggling, huh? With a task of this magnitude, wouldn’t common sense tell you that God’s help and intervention (and control) would be a necessity?

Jehu’s plan went down fast and furious. I’ll save the gory details for your own personal reading, but it’s safe to say if his life were a movie, it would be rated R for violence. Eventually, with a lot of bloodshed and zeal, Jehu eliminated Baal worship from Israel. A good thing! But he did it with deceit and gross violence—a bad thing!

We often try to rationalize, don’t we? But this is really a good thing I’m doing, we think. Yet if we’re going about it the wrong way, in our own power, “unanointed and unappointed,” we’ve forgotten some details that could eventually mean spiritual death.

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