Live Honestly - Once-A-Day Nurturing Great Kids Devotional

Live Honestly

Keep me from deceitful ways.

Psalm 119:29

One of the greatest weapons of destruction for a parent-child relationship is deceit. That word often conjures up thoughts of a child who is lying or sneaking around behind their parent’s back. Although that can be true, the child’s behavior may not be the source of deceit.

As parents, we need to first live by the standards we expect our children to meet. If you expect honesty from your child, that should be the standard for you. Children have built-in lie detectors. You may fool them with deceit for a while, but you will be the fool in the end.

Live a lifestyle of honesty in front of your children, and you will have set the bar high for their future behavior.


The truth will set you free is not only an axiom. Honesty is a scriptural mandate.


Do you expect honesty from your child but allow yourself a little leeway when it comes to your own behavior?

If you do have any areas of deceit in your life, what are they?

How are you establishing the expectation of honesty in your family?

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