In The Presence Of The King - Once-A-Day Walk with Jesus Devotional

In The Presence Of The King

Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?

Matthew 2:2

How far is it from St. Louis to Kansas City? About 200 miles if you’re going in the right direction and about 25,000 miles if you’re not!

Whether the goal is to bake a cake, put together a child’s Christmas toy, or—like the wise men in Matthew 2—find the Christ-child, the need is the same: good directions, and the willingness to follow them carefully.

F. B. Meyer offers this insight into the importance of hearing—and heeding—God’s directions.


“God comes to men in the spheres with which they are most familiar: to the shepherds in the fields, to the wise men by a sign in the heavens.

“God knows just where to find us, and in turn provides all we need to find and worship him.

“When we follow God’s guidance, we may be sure that he will not fail to bring us to our goal. He who brings us out will also bring us in.

“The wise men prostrating themselves before the newborn babe were the first of a great procession down through the centuries who have followed them to the same spot.

“We cannot fathom the mystery, but we, like they, can adore and present our gifts, for indeed he is worthy.”


The road of life can be a baffling route indeed: smooth at times, sometimes full of potholes … one day a well-marked expressway, the next a maze of detours.

But your heavenly Father has provided a road map—the Bible—to keep you moving in the right direction.

Dotting the pages of the Bible like signposts along the way are promises to encourage you, warnings to protect you and commands to detour you from danger.

By following it daily, you, like the wise men, will come safely to your destination. And you too will fall down and worship.

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