Still The Same - The One Year Classic Family Devotions


Read Psalm 119:89-91.

Dad just walked out on us. No reasons, no apologies, Andy thought. I wonder why. His mom tried to help him understand, but he knew she didn’t really understand it herself.

One day Mom said, “Our house costs too much, Andy. We’re going to move into an apartment. It will be a big change, but we’ll get used to it.”

Moving was not something Andy had planned on. As long as he could stay in the same neighborhood and go to the same school, he could pretend things were still the same. But now—a new school and all new kids?

Moving day came, and with it all the changes Andy dreaded. The only thing that didn’t change was their church, but even there people acted differently.

In Sunday school one day, Mr. Robinson called on Andy to recite the memory verse. “I am the LORD, and I do not change,” Andy quoted. “Malachi 3:6.”

Mr. Robinson nodded. “Even if the whole world seems upside down, God is always the same,” he said. “God loves us and will be with us, just as He was with Abraham in his journeys, with Daniel in the lions’ den, and with Jonah in the big fish.” As Andy listened to Mr. Robinson, he realized that God had been with all of His people throughout the changes they experienced.

Andy breathed a quiet prayer, just between himself and God. Thank You for staying with Mom and me. I’m glad You’re just the same as when Dad was with us. Please help me remember that even though things change, You will never change or go away.


Are you discouraged when changes come? The Bible gives many examples of people who had to learn about God’s care during changing times. God promises to care for you in difficult times just as He cared for them.


I am the LORD, and I do not change.

Malachi 3:6



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