A Tall-icy-glass-of-red-kool-aid Story - The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo

A Tall-Icy-Glass-of-Red-Kool-Aid Story

Bible Blast: Read Genesis 12:10-20

Don’t lie to each other. Colossians 3:9

Do you know what it’s like for a fib to grow out of control? I do. It all started one hot summer afternoon when I was a kid. I needed to use the typewriter in my dad’s office. (What’s a typewriter? Ask your mom!) I just couldn’t stand how hot it was, so I broke the “no food allowed” rule. I made myself a nice tall, icy glass of red Kool-Aid and placed it next to the typewriter. Big mistake. You see, typewriters have this thing called a “return.” It’s a big clunky piece of metal that “returns” to a starting position when you finish a line of writing. Well, when I hit the “return” button, that thing returned right into my tall, icy glass of red Kool-Aid. I scrubbed and scrubbed and tried my best to hide any trace of the tragedy, but my dad knew. (Parents have a sixth sense!) I was so afraid that the punishment would be more than I could stand. When he asked who had spilled Kool-Aid in his office, I said I didn’t know. He just smiled knowingly. And then the fib started growing. Oh, it never really came up again. But in my heart that lie was like an inflating balloon just waiting to burst. I’d wake up in the morning and think about it. I’d pour a glass of Kool-Aid and remember. I’d hear my dad coming home from work, and I just knew that this terrible lie stood between us. Finally, I couldn’t stand it. I told my dad the truth. He just smiled and said, “Yeah, I knew it was you, but you were doing such a good job punishing yourself that I felt no need to help!” Then he forgave me.

In the Bible, we learn that Abram lied. Why? Because he was afraid! And it caused a lot of trouble. Many people got sick. Abram almost lost his wife to Pharaoh, and Abram and Sarai had to leave Egypt. Lying makes life difficult. That’s why God doesn’t want you and me to lie. Lying also proves that we’ve lost faith in God’s ability to work things out for us.

Got a tall-icy-glass-of-red-Kool-Aid story in your life? Get rid of the guilt. Confess it today. I’m sure your mom will forgive you just like my dad forgave me.

Girl Gab: Mom, can you remember a time when you told a lie that made things difficult for you? Share that with your daughter. Daughter, tell your mom about a time when you lied and how it made you feel. Pray together and thank God for his forgiveness and make a decision to tell the truth!

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