The Secret - The One Year Devotions for Kids #2

The Secret

Read Acts 4:13-20

“Please tell me,” Dominick begged Giovanni during recess. “What makes them jump?”

Giovanni was holding Mexican jumping beans in his hand. At first they were still. Then one moved. “It’s my secret,” Giovanni said. “I’m not telling.”

“Mom,” said Dominick when he got home, “Giovanni had Mexican jumping beans at school, but he wouldn’t tell me what makes them move. He said it’s a secret.”

“It’s not a secret,” Mom said. “Mexican jumping beans are bean pods that house moths. The jumping is caused by the moth larvae moving inside.”

“That was driving me crazy all day,” said Dominick, “and it shouldn’t have been a secret at all. I wish I had a secret to keep from him. Then he’d know how it feels.”

“I think you’re already keeping something a secret from him,” replied Mom. “Just like something in that bean pod made it jump, there’s something in you that makes you choose to do the things you do. But you haven’t told Giovanni what that is, have you?” Dominick looked at her in surprise. He didn’t think he had any secrets. “When you refused to make fun of the new boy at school, what was the reason you gave Giovanni?” asked Mom.

“I told him I didn’t feel like it,” said Dominick.

“And when you collected the canned goods for the needy, what reason did you give Giovanni?” Mom asked.

“Well . . . I said I just felt like it,” said Dominick.

“And when we prayed for Daddy to get well and he got better right away, what did you tell Giovanni about that?” Mom asked.

Dominick shrugged. “Nothing,” he said.

“Then I would say you’re keeping a secret from Giovanni,” Mom told him. “And it’s far more important for him to know your secret than it was for you to know his. It isn’t supposed to be a secret that Jesus is your Savior and that his love in your heart urges you to do the things you do,” she said. “You know Giovanni’s secret. Will you go tell him yours?”

Dominick grinned. “That’s a great idea. I was a little scared to tell him, but I’ll do it.”

How about you?

Are you keeping it a secret that Jesus is your Savior? It never should be a secret that you are a Christian. Will you tell others the wonderful news?


“We cannot stop telling about the wonderful things we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20

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