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The Power Of Prayer

Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you, anointing you with oil in the name of the Lord. James 5:14

We’ve all had times when we’ve been sick. Whether we had a minor cold or something more serious, we learned how miserable we can feel when we’re under the weather. With proper care and rest, we typically recover fairly quickly, and even those with chronic or debilitating illnesses would say they have good days along with the bad. But there’s one thing that is always true: When we’re sick, we want to feel better.

In today’s key verse, James describes the importance of praying for healing when we’re sick. Many Christian churches have a formal time for these kinds of prayers. Other churches may be less structured and more spontaneous as needs arise, but they are nonetheless committed to this practice. Having people pray for us when we’re sick helps us to feel better. It’s a sign that people love us when they will intercede with the Great Physician for our well-being. But prayers don’t only help us to feel better; they can also help us get better.

In medical literature, there is scientific evidence that patients who have people surrounding them with love and prayer generally fare better than those who don’t. Patients who have been prayed for recover faster, report less pain, require less medication, and have fewer complications.

As a doctor, I’ve been at the bedside of many patients when elders from their church have come to pray for their healing. And I’ve personally seen many patients with severe illnesses recover and return home to their families and continue living fruitful lives.

I’ve also been at the bedside of many patients when prayers for healing were not answered as hoped, and we had to trust God for his higher purposes. But even when those illnesses ended in death, the process of praying brought emotional healing and comfort to those who were present. It’s as if we were able to catch a glimpse of the patient’s soul completely healed on the other side of heaven’s veil.


Whatever kind of healing you need—spiritual, emotional, or physical—ask others to join you in prayer today for your healing.

God, thank you for the comfort of bringing my requests to you and knowing that you hear me and love me. Where I am weary, please bring healing and strength, and help me to fully trust in you.

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