Hearing His Voice #2 - The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional

Hearing His Voice #2

[Jesus said,] “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

John 10:27

There are lots of voices in the world. Some are easily recognizable; others blend into the background noise. Some come from a distance; others from within our own heads. Some are tender and sympathetic; others strident and critical. And all compete for our attention.

Jesus knows how confused we can be. That’s one of the reasons He gave His followers an illustration about shepherds and sheep. Sheep learn to recognize the voice of their shepherd so that when he calls to them, even in the midst of a multitude of other voices, they follow his distinctive sound. The other voices are just noise to the sheep of the Good Shepherd; they are uniquely tuned to His voice alone. When they hear it, they follow.

Our goal is to be tuned in to one voice only—to be so sensitive to the one true voice that we can hear it above the din of a multitude of rivals. To be so accustomed to the signature sound that called us into existence that it becomes our constant homing signal for every decision. In the depths of our spirit, we can learn to recognize that voice and distinguish it from all others. According to the desire and promise of Jesus Himself, we can hear His voice.

Don’t make assumptions about what Christ’s voice should sound like. Be willing to step into a learning process. But know that it’s not only possible to hear His voice, it’s assured. Somewhere within your soul, you will hear His heart-to-heart words and know they are His.

Jesus, my Shepherd, tune my heart to hear Your words. Let them sink into my soul and become a part of who I am. Help me ignore false voices and listen to Yours alone.

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