Judges 5:1-9 NIV

Judges 5:1-9 NIV [1] On that day Deborah and Barak son of Abinoam sang this song: [2] "When the princes in Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves-praise the LORD! [3] "Hear this, you kings! Listen, you rulers! I, even I, will sing to the LORD; I will praise the LORD, the God of Israel, in song. [4] "When you, LORD, went out from Seir, when you marched from the land of Edom, the earth shook, the heavens poured, the clouds poured down water. [5] The mountains quaked before the LORD, the One of Sinai, before the LORD, the God of Israel. [6] "In the days of Shamgar son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the highways were abandoned; travelers took to winding paths. [7] Villagers in Israel would not fight; they held back until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel. [8] God chose new leaders when war came to the city gates, but not a shield or spear was seen among forty thousand in Israel. [9] My heart is with Israel's princes, with the willing volunteers among the people. Praise the LORD!

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