2 Kings 14:17-22 NIV

2 Kings 14:17-22 NIV [17] Amaziah son of Joash king of Judah lived for fifteen years after the death of Jehoash son of Jehoahaz king of Israel. [18] As for the other events of Amaziah's reign, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Judah? [19] They conspired against him in Jerusalem, and he fled to Lachish, but they sent men after him to Lachish and killed him there. [20] He was brought back by horse and was buried in Jerusalem with his ancestors, in the City of David. [21] Then all the people of Judah took Azariah, who was sixteen years old, and made him king in place of his father Amaziah. [22] He was the one who rebuilt Elath and restored it to Judah after Amaziah rested with his ancestors.

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