1 Kings 9:15-28 NIV

1 Kings 9:15-28 NIV [15] Here is the account of the forced labor King Solomon conscripted to build the LORD's temple, his own palace, the terraces, the wall of Jerusalem, and Hazor, Megiddo and Gezer. [16] (Pharaoh king of Egypt had attacked and captured Gezer. He had set it on fire. He killed its Canaanite inhabitants and then gave it as a wedding gift to his daughter, Solomon's wife. [17] And Solomon rebuilt Gezer.) He built up Lower Beth Horon, [18] Baalath, and Tadmor in the desert, within his land, [19] as well as all his store cities and the towns for his chariots and for his horses-whatever he desired to build in Jerusalem, in Lebanon and throughout all the territory he ruled. [20] There were still people left from the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites (these peoples were not Israelites). [21] Solomon conscripted the descendants of all these peoples remaining in the land-whom the Israelites could not exterminate-to serve as slave labor, as it is to this day. [22] But Solomon did not make slaves of any of the Israelites; they were his fighting men, his government officials, his officers, his captains, and the commanders of his chariots and charioteers. [23] They were also the chief officials in charge of Solomon's projects-550 officials supervising those who did the work. [24] After Pharaoh's daughter had come up from the City of David to the palace Solomon had built for her, he constructed the terraces. [25] Three times a year Solomon sacrificed burnt offerings and fellowship offerings on the altar he had built for the LORD, burning incense before the LORD along with them, and so fulfilled the temple obligations. [26] King Solomon also built ships at Ezion Geber, which is near Elath in Edom, on the shore of the Red Sea. [27] And Hiram sent his men-sailors who knew the sea-to serve in the fleet with Solomon's men. [28] They sailed to Ophir and brought back 420 talents of gold, which they delivered to King Solomon.

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