Psalm 16:1-11 TPT

Psalm 16:1-11 TPT [1] Keep me safe, O mighty God. I run to you, my safe place. [2] I said to YAHWEH, “You are my Maker and my Master. Any good thing you find in me has come from you.” [3] And he said to me, “My holy lovers in the land are my glorious ones, who fulfill all my desires.” [4] Yet there are those who yield to their weakness, and they will have troubles unending. I never gather with such ones, nor give them honor in any way. [5] YAHWEH, you alone are my inheritance. You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion. You hold my destiny and its timing in your hands. [6] Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places. I’m overwhelmed by the privileges that come with following you! [7] The way you counsel me makes me praise you more, for your whispers in the night give me wisdom, showing me what to do next. [8] Because I set you, YAHWEH, always close to me, my confidence will never be weakened, for I experience your wraparound presence every moment. [9] My heart and soul explode with joy—full of glory! Even my body will rest confident and secure. [10] For you will not abandon me to the realm of death, nor will you allow your Faithful One to experience corruption. [11] Because of you, I know the path of life, as I taste the fullness of joy in your presence. At your right side I experience divine pleasures forevermore!

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