Psalm 47:1-9 NET

Psalm 47:1-9 NET [1] All you nations, clap your hands. Shout out to God in celebration. [2] For the LORD Most High is awe-inspiring; he is the great king who rules the whole earth! [3] He subdued nations beneath us and countries under our feet. [4] He picked out for us a special land to be a source of pride for Jacob, whom he loves. (Selah) [5] God has ascended his throne amid loud shouts; the LORD has ascended amid the blaring of ram's horns. [6] Sing to God! Sing! Sing to our king! Sing! [7] For God is king of the whole earth. Sing a well-written song. [8] God reigns over the nations. God sits on his holy throne. [9] The nobles of the nations assemble, along with the people of the God of Abraham, for God has authority over the rulers of the earth. He is highly exalted.

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