Proverbs 23:1-35 ERV

Proverbs 23:1-35 ERV [1] When you sit and eat with an important person, remember who you are with. [2] Never eat too much, even if you are very hungry. [3] Don't eat too much of his fine food. It might be a trick. [4] Don't ruin your health trying to get rich. If you are smart, you will give it up. [5] In the blink of an eye, money can disappear, as if it grew wings and flew away like a bird. [6] Don't eat with selfish people. Control any desire you have for their finest foods. [7] They might tell you to eat and drink all you want, but they don't really mean it. They are the kind of people who are only thinking about the cost. [8] And if you eat their food, you will get sick and be embarrassed. [9] Don't try to teach fools. They will make fun of your wise words. [10] Never move an old property line, and don't take land that belongs to orphans. [11] The Lord will be against you. He is powerful and protects orphans. [12] Listen to your teacher and learn all you can. [13] Always correct children when they need it. If you spank them, it will not kill them. [14] In fact, you might save their lives. [15] My son, it makes me happy when you make a wise decision. [16] It makes me feel good inside when you say the right things. [17] Never envy evil people, but always respect the LORD. [18] This will give you something to hope for that will not disappoint you. [19] So listen, my son, and be wise. Always be careful to follow the right path. [20] Don't make friends with people who drink too much wine and eat too much food. [21] Those who eat and drink too much become poor. They sleep too much and end up wearing rags. [22] Listen to your father. Without him, you would never have been born. Respect your mother, even when she is old. [23] Truth, wisdom, learning, and understanding are worth paying money for. They are worth far too much to ever sell. [24] The father of a good person is very happy. A wise child brings him joy. [25] Make both of your parents happy. Give your mother that same joy. [26] My son, listen closely to what I am saying. Let my life be your example. [27] Prostitutes and bad women are a trap. They are like a deep well that you cannot escape. [28] A bad woman waits for you like a thief, and she causes many men to be unfaithful to their wives. [29] Who gets into fights and arguments? Who gets hurt for no reason and has red, bloodshot eyes? People who stay out too late drinking wine, staring into their strong drinks. [31] So be careful with wine. It is pretty and red as it sparkles in the cup. And it goes down so smoothly when you drink it. [32] But in the end, it will bite like a snake. [33] Wine will cause you to see strange things and to say things that make no sense. [34] When you lie down, you will think you are on a rough sea and feel like you are at the top of the mast. [35] You will say, "They hit me, but I never felt it. They beat me, but I don't remember it. Now I can't wake up. I need another drink."

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