Psalm 56:1-13 Voice

Psalm 56:1-13 Voice [1] Show mercy to me, O God, because people are crushing me- grinding me down like dirt underfoot-all day long. No matter what I do, I can't get myself out from under them. [2] My enemies are crushing me, yes all day long, O Highest of High, for many come proud and raise their hands against me. [3] When struck by fear, I let go, depending securely upon You alone. [4] In God-whose word I praise- in God I place my trust. I shall not let fear come in, for what can measly men do to me? [5] All day long they warp my words; all their thoughts against me are mangled by evil. [6] They conspire, then lurk about. They eye my every move, Waiting to steal my very life. [7] Because they are wicked through and through, drag them out. In Your just anger, O God, cast them down! [8] You have taken note of my journey through life, caught each of my tears in Your bottle. But God, are they not also blots on Your book? [9] Then my enemies shall turn back and scatter on the day I call out to You. This I know for certain: God is on my side. [10] In God whose word I praise and in the Eternal whose word I praise- [11] In God I have placed my trust. I shall not let fear come in, for what can measly men do to me? [12] I am bound by Your promise, O God. My life is my offering of thanksgiving to You, [13] For You have saved my soul from the darkness of death, steadied my feet from stumbling So I might continue to walk before God, embraced in the light of the living.

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