Psalm 55:1-23 Voice

Psalm 55:1-23 Voice [1] Hear me, O God. Tune Your ear to my plea, and do not turn Your face from my prayer. [2] Give me Your attention. Answer these sighs of sorrow; my troubles have made me restless-I groan from anxiety [3] All because of my enemy! Because his voice speaks against me, his wickedness torments me! He casts down misfortune upon me; his anger flares; his grudges grow against me. [4] My heart seizes within my chest; I am in anguish! I am terrified my life could end on any breath. [5] I shiver and shudder in fear; I can't stop because this horror is just too much. [6] I said, "If only my arms were wings like the dove's! I would fly away from here and find rest- [7] Yes, I would venture far and weave a nest in the wilderness. [pause] [8] "I would rush to take refuge away from the violent storm and pounding winds." [9] Throw them off, O Lord. Confuse their speech, and frustrate their plans, for violence and contention are building within the city. I can see it with my own eyes. [10] They plot day and night, scurrying the city walls like rats, trouble and evil lurking everywhere. [11] In the heart of the city, destruction awaits. Oppression and lies swarm the streets, and they will not take leave; no, they will not go. [12] If it were just an enemy sneering at me, I could take it. If it were just someone who has always hated me, treating me like dirt, I'd simply hide away. [13] But it is you! A man like me, my old friend, my companion. [14] We enjoyed sweet conversation, walking together in the house of God among the pressing crowds. [15] Let death sneak up on them, swallow them alive into the pit of death. Why? Because evil stirs in their homes; evil is all around them. [16] But I, I shall call upon God, and by His word, the Eternal shall save me. [17] Evening, morning, and noon I will plead; I will grumble and moan before Him until He hears my voice. [18] And He will rescue my soul, untouched, plucked safely from the battle, despite the many who are warring against me. [19] God, enthroned from ancient times through eternity, will hear my prayers and strike them down. [pause] For they have refused change; they supply their every need and have no fear of God. [20] My friend has become a foe, breaking faith, tearing down peace. He's betrayed our covenant. [21] Oh, how his pleasant voice is smoother than butter, while his heart is enchanted by war. Oh, how his words are smoother than oil, and yet each is a sword drawn in his hand. [22] Cast your troubles upon the Eternal; His care is unceasing! He will not allow His righteous to be shaken. [23] But You, O God, You will drive them into the lowest pit- Violent, lying people won't live beyond their middle years. But I place my trust in You.

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