Psalm 101:1-8 Voice

Psalm 101:1-8 Voice [1] I will sing of God's unsparing love and justice; to You, O Eternal One, I will sing praises. [2] I will seek to live a life of integrity; when will You come to me? I will walk in my house with an honest and true heart. [3] I will refuse to look on any sordid thing; I detest the worthless deeds of those who stray; evil will not get a hold on me. [4] I will rid my heart of all perversion; I will not flirt with any evil. [5] Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, I will silence; I will not tolerate a condescending smirk, an arrogant heart. [6] I will look for those who are loyal in the land so that they may live with me and know my pleasure. Whoever walks with integrity will enter my service. [7] The one who makes a habit of deceit will not be welcome in my house; The one who lies will not remain in my presence for long. [8] Every morning I will purge all the wicked from the land So as to rid the city of the Eternal of those who practice evil.

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